20 Fun Facts about Cats

Many cat owners find their feline friends to be quite the enigma. Cats are sometimes thought of as sneaky, mysterious, and evil. Even though decoding their motivations and actions can be an impossible task, there is still a lot known about these creatures.


  1. Have you ever wondered why your cat stares at you when you yell at it for being on the counter? It turns out that cats have no concept of punishment. In other words, they know you’re angry. They just don’t care.


  1. Monkeys are not the only animals that have experienced space travel. In fact, a French feline named Felicette made the journey in 1963.


  1. Even though most cats live about twelve to fourteen years, a cat from Austin, Texas managed to make it to thirty-eight. Her name was Cream Puff and she passed away in 2005, presumably from old age.


  1. Speaking of record-breaking cats, most cats weigh on average between eight and eleven pounds, but the heaviest cat on record weighed in at forty-six pounds and fifteen ounces.


  1. While the exact circumstances under which cats first became domesticated may not yet be precisely known, it is widely believed that the practice originated in Egypt where they were widely respected for being able to hunt and kill rats and snakes.


  1. Conversely, a grave in Cyprus was discovered containing the remains of a human with a cat. While the cat’s remains were a bit larger than those of a typical domestic cat, the discovery links the human and cat connection back to about 9,500 years ago.


  1. While we’re talking about Egypt, that air of self-entitlement that cats often convey may be to blame on their Egyptian ancestors; they were revered as gods and extended the same mummification courtesies as humans.


  1. If it seems like your domestic cat is still a wild animal sometimes, it’s because they are. While wild dog’s behavior differs greatly from that of a domestic one, cats seems to have mostly refused that change.


  1. As long as water is at the ready, cats are capable of tolerating temperatures of 133 degrees.


  1. Despite the fact that cats do not have great color vision, their sense of smell is impeccable due in large part to having an olfactory mucosa that is twice the size of that of a human.


  1. Have you ever felt like you could sleep the entire day away? Well, cats actually do. In total, they spend about nine years of their lives sleeping.


  1. For many cat owners, eliciting a purr from their companion can be quite the coveted moment. However, no one really knows how they’re able to do this. There is nothing in their anatomy that specifically allows them to do so.


  1. Most people are familiar with the superstition that a black cat crossing their path is bad luck, but there are many other superstitions regarding cats. In France it’s bad luck to carry a cat with you while crossing a stream and in England a cat who cleans behind its ears is predicting the rain that is to come.


  1. Has it ever felt like your cat owns you instead of the other way around? You may not be imagining it. Cats have many pheromone glands and when they rub up against you, they are transferring these pheromones onto you, claiming you as their property.


  1. This does not go both ways. If your cat cleans himself obsessively after you’ve spent a great deal of time petting him, it’s because he’s attempting to rid himself of your scent.


  1. Much like the way that every human has a distinct and unique fingerprint, every cat has their own nose print.


  1. Most people are familiar with carrier pigeons as a way to deliver messages, but cats were experimented with in 1879 Belgium. That is, until they realized that cats shockingly didn’t seem to want to do what was asked of them.


  1. While cats may or may not be able to understand what you’re saying to them, they do understand the way in which you say it. Your cat will recognize when you’re singing their praises as well as when you’re absolutely livid with them.


  1. One of the best ways to communicate with your cat is through your eyes. If you ignore your cat, they’ll take it as an invitation to take up your space. Staring at your cat will signal that you’re being aggressive. Do you want to tell your cat you love them? All you have to do is blink very slowly.


  1. Cat food and cat treats come in a variety of flavors like seafood, poultry, beef, eggs, and cheese. If you’ve never seen cat food flavored like mice, it’s because when tested on cats it turns out they actually do not enjoy the flavor.


While there may still be plenty more to learn about one of the most popular domestic animals in the world, hopefully these facts will help to eliminate some of the mystery. Cats are fascinating creatures and if you can be sure of nothing else, you can be sure that they make incredible companions.

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