Training your cat not to spray

One of the many ways’ cats use to interact is through smell, especially leaving the scents in certain areas. Spraying is a completely normal and suitable method to converse in the cat world. It is much like scratching or even rolling on the ground.

We are generally happy with our cats interacting in the human world, of course, through scratching their face on stuff or rolling on the floor, but no one feels good about having their cats interact by spraying. Anyone facing this problem is continuously looking for a way to stop your cat from spraying. When male cats are on heat and are looking for a female to mate with, they have been known to spray. This is territorial act, telling other cats that may be in his neighborhood to stay away. On the other hand, the female cat is peeing all over the place, leaving large puddles for the family to march, spraying the clean sheets too. this shows that she is on heat.

A cat can also spray due to conflict or when he is stressed or frightened. If your cat can see other cats through windows and doors, he will spray to tell the other cats that this is his area. Adopting new pets or a dispute between the old pets living in the same house can also make cats mark their zones through spraying. Making changes to the place like rearranging his sleeping area or shifting him to another place can also cause anxiety that leads to spraying. A spraying cat can sometimes make his mark on a guest’s stuff too.

Stop your cat from spraying

Is your cat spraying everyone and everything around? Is it messing up the entire house unnecessarily? Is the cat getting on your last nerve? Are you about putting it out for good? Before you go ahead with that, watch this video illustration to the end — Cat Spray Stop

The first thing you can do to stop your cat from spraying is to find out any health problems. Though there is no such health condition that directly leads to urine spraying, physical issues can increase the anxiety level of your cat, which can lead to spraying. If your vet has confirmed that your cat does not have any medical problem, you can try the following tips:


Spade your cat

One important thing to consider is to spade them. There is a 90% chance that spading them will stop your cat from spraying. Doing this will bring everything back to normal again. You will not lose sleep at night anymore, can remove your earplugs and communicate with the cat again.

If you would rather not have them spaded now, there are other solutions that can help your cat go through this phase.


Increase the playtime

Increased playing in various areas of your home with your cat can also decrease stress. Encourage toys to increase their physical activities. The efforts you will make to promote mutual games can often help to reduce the anxiety. Firstly, the nighttime will be their preferred time to play. Try to play with him during the day to tire him out and get him to sleep to prevent him from scattering the house while you sleep. It will help you a lot to stop your cat from spraying.

Create his own space

Create a space for him. Every cat needs its own space. Aggression can also be prevented by simply offering more nestling areas so that all your pets can have their place to relax away from each other. Space construction can be as simple as removing window frames, cabinets, or buying cat trees if you have multiple cats. You should consider fitting floors that will be easy to clean up seeing as there are times, they will not stop spraying.


Provide clean litter box

Ensure you keep the litter box in the room and keep it neat, remove whatever droppings that may be inside. Wash the litter box with clean water and anti-bacterial soap. You can also use baking soda and warm water to clean the litter box. It is essential to scoop and clean the litter box regularly. It significantly reduces the existence of any other pet smell that is offending.

While spraying is not a urination problem, if you have fewer litter boxes as compared to the number of cats, there will be disagreement about the use of litter boxes that may lead to spraying. If you really want to stop your cat from spraying, please ensure that you have a separate litter box for all the cats living in your house. Keep the litter boxes in those areas where your stressed cat spends most of his day.


Keep other animals out of your cat’s territory

Because cats define their boundaries to keep unwanted competitors away, your cat will not spray if they cannot feel the presence of other animals. Keep your cat at a distance from the other animal, so that your cat will not detect the scent of their rivals.

Keep non-adopted cats away, as spraying is a defensive practice. You should not put water and food for abandoned or street cats. If they come by, send them back. You have to keep other cats outside the territory of your cat.


Make him as comfortable as possible

Provide a bed that is soft and comfortable, pillows, blankets and preferably some of his own things that are washable. If you’re using a guest room as the cat’s room, it would be wise to place a plastic covering over the bed and chairs, if any, just in case the cat feels like being mischievous and spraying everything in the room. You can find scat mats in the market to help you keep him away from some of your furniture. Ensure that you put him in a room with a window so that he could perch close to it and stare out.

Ensure also that you provide healthy food and water for him in the room. Do not put too much else he will need to poo at night and if you trained him to go potty outside, you will have to get up to take him.


Use a carrier

Another alternative is to buy a carrier. Keep him there whenever you are not home or when you will be busy at night. The problem with this is that he will begin to protest loudly with meows, and it could stop you from sleeping. However, keeping him in a kennel in a closed room that is not close to you or the other members of your household can solve the problem in a few days.

Final thoughts

Whenever they actually get to spray so much that it forms a puddle, you can get any one of different types of chemical products from the market and use it to clean as well as remove the odors that would be on the furniture. It can also take care of whatever damages done to your carpets, furniture or liners. Just search for the right products to help you deal with the issue.

It is a natural phenomenon to spray. Ensure you take precautions when your cat is spraying. Do not let them push you out of your own house because of it. if you would like to stop your cat from spraying in one week, watch this video illustration if you have not already. — Cat Spray Stop

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