Cat named Dennis Quaid Adopted By Actor Dennis Quaid From Humane Society

How will you react if I tell you; the famous star “Dennis Quaid” has a furry friend with the same name? According to Local Virginia news station, WSLS Dennis Quaid, 66, adopted a black furry friend. However, the cat shares the same name with the actor, and he adopted from “Humane Society.”


Quaid said he saw the news story that a cat is waiting for a home for more than a year. However, he decided to adopt the cat immediately. According to the shelters’ website, the cat (Dennis Quaid) is;

  • Six years old
  • The weight of the cat is 13.82 lbs.
  • And the cost is $79

Apart from this info, the cats’ description states that;

“A famous actor and I share the same name. So I can watch his movies while laying at the couch.”

After that, Quaid started a podcast with the name “The Pet Show” with “Jimmy Jellinek.” So, in a zoom meeting, he talked to the humane society about the adoption. In a result, “Danielle Ulmer” Humane society adoption center told that;

“We thought that someone is pranking us, and it’s not real.”

After this, life was busy, and he got married in June to Laura Savoie, 27. However, after the wedding, he participated in a virtual “Parent Trap” meeting last month. Now the media reports indicate that the cat will start the new celebrity life after some days. Moreover, the Quaid (cat) will now join the Quaid’s English bulldog as the original house’s new companion. After this whole incident, the Quaid (Human) emphasizes that it’s a great technique to have humane shelters everywhere.

Furthermore, he noted that societies should name animals after different celebrities. As a result, there are bright chances to find a home for the pets. In reality, the recent time requires to give attention to this. So, the following organizations are struggling for animal rights;

The Humane Society of the United States

The humane society expects our cooperation to fight for the life and rights of the animals. However, people can donate here to make a lasting impact on the fight to protect animals. Apart from this, you can help in many ways, like with your time, car, or charity. So, you have the option of monthly donations or give the charity at once.

Humane Society

Animal Humane Society

This organization’s main aim is to create a better world for the animals to bring joy and comfort in their lives. However, you can help the tiny creatures with your donations or join the team by volunteering yourself for the cause. Apart from this, you can adopt the animal for you.

Animal Humane Society

Humane Society International

Humane society international is working globally to provide shelter, protection, and rescue to the animals. The main task is to save animals from natural disasters and the worlds’ cruelty. So, you could be an animal defender by donating some money. Above all, you can subscribe to the platform to get periodic updates about the progress.

Humane Society International

Humane Society of the Nature Coast

The humane society that has saved more than 1023 animals and healed 21,144 pets to this date. However, there are more than 64 people are working as a volunteer. If you want to help the animals, then;

  • You can donate money.
  • Adopt an animal
  • Volunteer your time to bring a change
  • Or attend exclusive events to keep yourself updated.

Humane Society Of the Natures Coast

Everyone deserves a home, including animals. So, it’s our moral duty to make this world a better living place for the animals.


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