Cat training for sever weather

Have you ever if your cat can be trained for bad weather conditions? Well, Yes, you can train a cat for unpleasant weather conditions.

The first thing to do is to ensure that you’ve taken your cat to the vet for vaccines and check-ups. This will be the first line of protection against illnesses that may be caught during really bad weather when you may not be with your cat. It’s good to give them this protection.

Ensure your cat is trained to wear a collar. It’s necessary to have a collar with their name and address on it. the tags can be bought from your vet, pet stores or places that make these tags. The one you buy should not be large because if it is, it will cause an irritation and make the cat uncomfortable. The best type is one that is small with the needed information. Additionally, ensure the vet gives you a tag alongside the vaccines and whatever information will be helpful to anyone who finds your cat and return it to you.

There are various cat collars in various sizes, colors and designs. The choice is yours to pick what would be most suitable for your cat. When buying one, ensure it is not too tight on the neck of the cat and not too lose as to be easily undone by the cat as well.

The cat will have to be trained to wear the collar. Some tips are these; when at home, put it on the cat and let it wear it for some time till they are okay with it. if the cat is still little, that’s a good time to begin training it with the collar. It would also help to spray the collar with catnip. The scent of catnip is loved by cats. You can buy these sprays to aid with the training.

When the weather is really bad, your cat will begin to run for cover. Let the cat do this in an environment that is safe. If the place isn’t safe, get the cat to a safe place. create a safe space or the cat. To make the cat run there, lay out a snack for it whenever the weather gets bad. Be sure to put water, a little plaything and a little litter box there only to be used in occasions like that otherwise, the cat would be confused on where to go. Afterwards, let the cat be alone. Cats are naturally afraid of bad weather and how to shield themselves from it. don’t try to get the cat to get accustomed to bad weather. It’s good to allow them use their natural instincts.

If the cat becomes rough during those types of weather conditions, it would be wise to start off with a locked kennel. In order to help them using this method, when the weather is about to get bad, take the cat to the kennel and spray some catnip in the kennel; it will surely help. keep the cat locked in there are give it the assurance that everything is alright and that it is safe. You should put the kennel in a place where the cat will venture into on its own whenever bad weather surfaces.

When the weather is getting really bad and you know you’re not going to be with your cat, ensure you keep it comfortable. Put the cat’s favorite toys, pillows, blanket, or other things that will increase its comfort. Put out sufficient water and food for the cat. There are self-feeders in which you can put food and water for the cat. This allows the cat have easy access to it.

If your cat will be outside on a day with bad weather, make a shade for the cat for hot days. An umbrella, a small table or the cat to crawl under for shade or a box that lets in enough air are options you can pick from to put out for the cat. If the place is not warm enough for the cat, stuff it with a few rags, newspapers or something to provide that warmth for it. don’t forget that if a cat is accustomed to staying inside and is to be left outside, you have to protect it from the weather.

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