How To Stop A Cat From Wanting To Go Outside

   If you’re a cat owner, you’ve probably experienced the little zoom your feline companion does past your legs as you open or close the front door. At this point, you’ll have to spend more time trying to coax them into coming back, especially if you’ve come home late at night, when nocturnal creatures are […]

How To Stop a cat from scratching Carpet

If you’re a cat owner and your cat is scratching the carpet constantly, it can be a frustrating experience. Your carpets are a big part of the furniture inside your home, and if your cat is constantly scratching on them, you may have to replace them in more extreme cases. Before you consider rehoming your […]

How To Stop A Cat From Peeing On Clothes

Having a feline companion in your life is a wonderful thing. They bring so much joy to the home, and they are such affectionate creatures. However – there are some unwanted behaviors that cat owners have to contend with when it comes to having a cat around the house. One of the most frustrating ones […]

How To Stop A Cat From Peeing In The House

          By and large, cats are known to be easy critters to toilet train. With enough time and patience, your feline friend can soon associate that big tub of cat litter in the corner of the home as their personal potty once you’ve guided them to use it every time they need to conduct their […]

How to stop a cat in heat from meowing

If you’re a cat owner, you’re probably used to the sounds that your cat makes. From gentle purrs to excited meows, it’s safe to say that the vocalizations they make are mostly directed towards you. This is the same for both female and male cats. However, if you are the cohabitant of a female cat […]

Why do cats lick you?

Cats spend a large amount of their time grooming themselves with their tongues. In some instances, this can keep them busy up to 50% of their waking hours. This grooming is a natural behavior and their tongue is the perfect tool for the job. Cats tongues are surfaced with “Papillae” this is what gives them […]

Why is my cat urinating outside the litter box?

Many medical and psychological problems can cause your cat to urinate outside the litter box. The leading cause may be a urinary tract infection, but it could be kidney disease, diabetes, or anything that make your cat feel uncomfortable, such as arthritis. Continue reading to learn more about all the possible causes which lead your […]

Mother cat behavior towards kittens

Mother cats can be very kind and gentle with their kittens. They prepare them and put them in their nest. They can also be sometimes be seen in a definite sense playing with their kittens. As long as the mother’s cat is not hurting the kittens, let her deal with them on her own terms. […]

Male Cat Behavior With Kittens

Male cats have always been given a bad rep compared to females, due to a list of factors. In general, male cats aren’t known to be the best father figures to kittens, and you might have probably heard one or two (or ten!) cat owners advise you to keep your kittens away from male cats […]

Why Do Cats Follow You?

Have you ever wondered why your cat always follows you around? No, it’s not because you have this magical charm that is irresistible to living things around you – it actually has more to do with the learned behavior of your cat rather than your attractiveness! One of the most common answers to this question […]