Cat Behavior After Boarding

In our modern world, we often have to travel somewhere away from home, be it for business or for pleasure. If you own a cat at home, this probably means you will have to either get a cat sitter, or send your cat to a boarding facility where they will take care of your cat […]

Mother Cat Behavior After Kittens Are Gone

Maternal instincts are one of the strongest emotional triggers that define how a mother cat behaves and their reactions to the litter that they bear and raise. Sometimes, mother cats are known to behave in some strange ways after her kittens are all grown up and go on to start their own lives. As humans, […]

Cat Behavior After Surgery

For most cat lovers, taking good care of our feline companions involves several trips to the vet over their lifetime – and in some serious cases, surgery is often required. However, some pet owners tend to hesitate sending their cats to surgery due to the fear that they may see irreversible changes in their cat’s […]

How Do I Stop My Cat From Spraying?

Pet are probably the most loved and nurture creatures on the earth. Having a pet gives you not only furball companionship but also fills your home with immense love. Amongst pets, cats have a stature of their own. They are loved and adored by their owners unconditionally. However, there are certain downsides that you have […]

3 Tips for Cat Behavior Problems

Cat behavior problems can be very frustrating for human companions. Much like an eccentric roommate, it is often self-defeating to try to eliminate certain behaviors, such as scratching and pouncing. Yet, here’s 3 tips savvy cat owners can do to ease their frustration with cat behavior problems and have a chance to enjoy their feline […]

How to find a Lost Cat

Are you an owner of a lost cat? Are you finding the answer to how to find a lost cat? If yes, then we are here to help you. In common opinion, cats are the most independent creature. However, cats love to roam around the neighborhood and feel happy about this. If your cat has […]

Cats Bonding With Their Owners

Many experts have the opinion that cats are independent animals. According to these same experts, cats choose to stay with humans as a survival strategy. While some people concur, others do not. Although, those that agree are more than those who do not. The cat and owner bond is still somewhat a mystery. Have you […]

What to Do With a Finicky Cat

Your cat may refuse to eat for a number of different reasons. If sickness isn’t the cause, you have to dig deep to know what the problem is. Digging deeper is the way to go when you have a finicky cat that won’t eat. It might be problematic for a cat to eat from a […]

Learn Your Cat’s Likes And Dislikes

Cat owners trying to train their cats have one complaint in common and it makes them feel like bashing their heads on a wall. They all complain that they do what is expected of them but still can’t figure out how to go about it and that it feels as though the cat itself is […]