How to help cats with urinary tract infections

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, or more commonly known as FLUTD is a bacterial infection found in the bladder. FLUTD Infections occur mostly when there are other medical issues in the urinary tract, perhaps diabetes, a tumour in that area or kidney disease, these are some of the other conditions that may be occurring in […]

How To Help Cats With Arthritis

Age, it gets us all! Your feline friend is no different. Arthritis is a common condition that affect cats of all ages but mostly older cats.  There are ways to slow the progression of arthritis and treat the pain but first you need to be aware of what the signs of Arthritis are in your […]

How Do Cats Get Worms And Their Types? A Quick Overview

Looking out for the health and well-being of your feline family member is one of the most important parts of being a pet parent. Cats are lovable and lovely creatures. Several health-related conditions affect the overall performance of cats. Out of them, worm infestations are commonly seen in cats. Many cat owners ask a lot […]

Cat Behavior After Surgery

For most cat lovers, taking good care of our feline companions involves several trips to the vet over their lifetime – and in some serious cases, surgery is often required. However, some pet owners tend to hesitate sending their cats to surgery due to the fear that they may see irreversible changes in their cat’s […]

Home flea Remedies for cats

The home flea remedies for cats can help to get rid of this life-threatening creature. Still, the thought of a flea attack at your beloved pet could be a constant strain on your mind. In reality, it’s a fact that fleas feed on the blood of cats and your other furry friends. According to stats, […]

How can I get rid of fleas on my cat?

How can i get rid of fleas on my cat? It is the most concerned question for the cat owners. You’re mistaken if you think that your cat lives indoors, and you don’t have to worry about fleas. In reality, indoor cats can also get fleas like other outdoor animals. It is a fact that […]

Separation Anxiety In Cats And How To Resolve It

What is separation anxiety? How does it affect cats, and why do they get it? Just like human beings get excited at times and dogs, cats suffer from the same condition. The lockdown has been the moment for pets to bond with their owners, but there will be a huge difference in their lives when […]

Looking For Safe, Holistic Supplements For Your Cats Common Health Problems?

As a cat person, there are many things you should know about your pet. Cats are lively pets, but they may have some underlying problems at times, which you may overlook easily. That’s why there are many supplements for cats to boost their health. So, buy holistic supplements for cats from a trusted store only. […]

Is My Cat Sick?

Many people consider cats to be predators because they hunt for prey and seem to be strong pets. However, some large predators like illnesses can kill your cat easily without any noticeable signs. As a cat owner, you need to look out for many signs to know if your cat is sick. The big question […]

what causes hairballs in cats?

    The health of your cat matters a lot. You can learn about the various health issues your cat could suffer from your Veterinarian. However, it’s paramount that you find out about things like that by yourself. To be completely certain that your cat is being taken care of maximally, there are signs that […]