Cat Breeds and their Health Problems; An Overview

CALICO BREED Calico cats are most popular breeds, having beautiful color patterns. People usually confuse calico cats with tortoiseshell cats. This is important to know that calico is tri color cats while tortoiseshells are bi color. Let’s discuss some important health problems of these gorgeous creatures to aware the calico owners. Common health related conditions: […]

What are Hypoallergic Cats? An Overview

  Do you really think that hypo allergic cats exist? Let’s know some interesting facts about it. Cats are lovely animals. There are certain breeds of cats that have a great tendency to develop allergic reactions in humans as compared to others such as Persian cats. Some owners like to know about hypo allergic cats […]

An Ultimate Guide to Feline Diabetes

Cats are pretty creatures. There is no greater happiness in this world than to see your beloved furry friend enjoying good health. There are many health conditions which affect the overall well-being of cats. Just like humans, cats are also susceptible to get diabetes that puts a lot of bad effects on their lives. Cat […]

Why is my cat losing Teeth? A quick insight

Dental issues are very much common in cats. Generally, dental problems are observed in older cats. Usually, dental conditions are preventable and curable, if you give proper care to your cat. Cat owners ask so many questions about the overall dental health of their beloved cats. Why my cat is losing teeth? Which are important […]

Why is my cat wheezing?

Does it hurt you when your cat wheezes so frequently?  Yes, this is a point to be noticed when a cat is wheezing regularly and intensely. Many owners show curiosity to know about “Causes of wheezing/heavy breathing in cats. Remember, don’t ignore, if your cat is wheezing on regular basis. Take it into your account […]

How to help cats with dry skin

Well, let’s see… First you notice it! Symptoms of dry skin on your feline friend can be that you notice them scratching more than usual, they may have dandruff style flakes in their fur, not a good look for your four-legged friend! You may have noticed their coat is not shining as it usually does. […]

Nutritional cat supplements for older cats

Everything ages, this is the natural balance of life, but your feline friend’s whiskers have greyed, his eyes duller with age, he walks slower and naps more. He has been your companion and a part of your family for many years, and it is only right that you should now look after his needs as […]

How to help cats with urinary tract infections

Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease, or more commonly known as FLUTD is a bacterial infection found in the bladder. FLUTD Infections occur mostly when there are other medical issues in the urinary tract, perhaps diabetes, a tumour in that area or kidney disease, these are some of the other conditions that may be occurring in […]

How To Help Cats With Arthritis

Age, it gets us all! Your feline friend is no different. Arthritis is a common condition that affect cats of all ages but mostly older cats.  There are ways to slow the progression of arthritis and treat the pain but first you need to be aware of what the signs of Arthritis are in your […]

How Do Cats Get Worms And Their Types? A Quick Overview

Looking out for the health and well-being of your feline family member is one of the most important parts of being a pet parent. Cats are lovable and lovely creatures. Several health-related conditions affect the overall performance of cats. Out of them, worm infestations are commonly seen in cats. Many cat owners ask a lot […]