How to train a cat to use the cat door?

Cat flap training is not so difficult.   Many cats will start using the cat door by the time they see it for the first time. Some cats can shy away from a new cat door even if they are trained to use a cat door.  Cats usually love to explore and go in and out […]

How to train a cat not to jump on counters

Do you own a cat who always wants to climb on the counter? It is a common issue among all cat owners. In some cases, we even never see the cat climbing on the counter, but they leave their fur or paw print. It tells us that our cat has been sneaking there. It is […]

How to house train a feral cat

The chances of finding feral cats are very high despite the area where you live. All the cats that are abandoned by their owners or born in the wild fall into the category of feral cats. They have very little or no interaction with humans. No matter where they come from, feral cats are scared […]

How to train a cat to sit on your lap

Every cat has a unique personality. Different cats show different kinds of behaviors when it comes to interaction with humans. Some cats always want to interact with their owners and will love to sit on their lap while others can be shy and stubborn. Many factors affect the cat’s behavior.  If a cat is kept away […]

How to train a cat to not bite

Cats are natural predators. They love to chase and catch their prey. They can show attacking or biting behaviors due to their instinct. We can notice this behavior from an early age. Your kitten will start to chase and bite objects after he is four to five weeks old. It is a completely normal thing. […]

Cat Training Tips and Tricks

Our beloved cats. Some of us have had cats our entire lives and can’t imagine life without them. There’s just something about coming home and being greeted by your lovable little bundle, or bundles of fur as you walk in the door. Their excitement and relief to see you is only matched by our excitement […]

3 Tips for Cat Behavior Problems

Cat behavior problems can be very frustrating for human companions. Much like an eccentric roommate, it is often self-defeating to try to eliminate certain behaviors, such as scratching and pouncing. Yet, here’s 3 tips savvy cat owners can do to ease their frustration with cat behavior problems and have a chance to enjoy their feline […]

Introducing a New Kitten to your Existing Cat

Are you thinking to bring a new kitten to your home? Such an exciting news for everyone except for your older cat. Most cat owners do not understand that their pleasant, single older cat may find it difficult to get along well with a new kitten. Usually, a new kitten is ready to make buddies, […]

Training a cat around the plants

Are cats really lovers of plants and grass?  The answer is YES. Now that you know, why don’t you let some grow around? Many cats are not fascinated by plants and you can leave them alone with even toxic plants without any issue,  but if you have a furry cat who likes to chew on fresh […]

How to train your cat on a leash

We all love our cats and agree that our furry friends deserve the best. Exploring the outdoors with your furry little cat helps him, with plenty of mental stimulation, while keeping him away from the hazards and health risks faced by the most outdoor cats. Even with the correct amount of indoor quality entertainment, frustrated cats still face feline […]