Cat Training Tips and Tricks

Our beloved cats. Some of us have had cats our entire lives and can’t imagine life without them. There’s just something about coming home and being greeted by your lovable little bundle, or bundles of fur as you walk in the door. Their excitement and relief to see you is only matched by our excitement […]

3 Tips for Cat Behavior Problems

Cat behavior problems can be very frustrating for human companions. Much like an eccentric roommate, it is often self-defeating to try to eliminate certain behaviors, such as scratching and pouncing. Yet, here’s 3 tips savvy cat owners can do to ease their frustration with cat behavior problems and have a chance to enjoy their feline […]

Introducing a New Kitten to your Existing Cat

Are you thinking to bring a new kitten to your home? Such an exciting news for everyone except for your older cat. Most cat owners do not understand that their pleasant, single older cat may find it difficult to get along well with a new kitten. Usually, a new kitten is ready to make buddies, […]

Training a cat around the plants

Are cats really lovers of plants and grass?  The answer is YES. Now that you know, why don’t you let some grow around? Many cats are not fascinated by plants and you can leave them alone with even toxic plants without any issue,  but if you have a furry cat who likes to chew on fresh […]

How to train your cat on a leash

We all love our cats and agree that our furry friends deserve the best. Exploring the outdoors with your furry little cat helps him, with plenty of mental stimulation, while keeping him away from the hazards and health risks faced by the most outdoor cats. Even with the correct amount of indoor quality entertainment, frustrated cats still face feline […]

Training your cat not to spray

One of the many ways’ cats use to interact is through smell, especially leaving the scents in certain areas. Spraying is a completely normal and suitable method to converse in the cat world. It is much like scratching or even rolling on the ground. We are generally happy with our cats interacting in the human world, of course, through scratching […]

Cat training for sever weather

Have you ever if your cat can be trained for bad weather conditions? Well, Yes, you can train a cat for unpleasant weather conditions. The first thing to do is to ensure that you’ve taken your cat to the vet for vaccines and check-ups. This will be the first line of protection against illnesses that […]