Can Cats Get Pink Eye from Humans?

If you’ve recently noticed your cat has a sore-looking eye or they’re rubbing it with their paw, on furniture, or the floor, they may be suffering from cat conjunctivitis. Learn more about this eye disease and what to expect when you visit the veterinarian as you wait for your appointment. What is Conjunctivitis in Cats? […]

Can Cats Get Lice from Humans?

Lice are tiny, flightless insects that live in animals and people’s hair or feathers. The majority of lice, like the cat louse, bite or chew (Felicola subrostrata). Lice are most often found on elderly, longhaired cats that are unable to clean themselves. Lice infestations in cats and dogs are now uncommon due to the extensive […]

Can Cats Get Hiccups?

Felines are mysterious creatures that we sometimes don’t understand. But sometimes, cats act like human beings. They can become territorial, lazy, curious, and they can also possess human-like qualities such as loyalty, joy, jealousy, affection, etc. Cats can also suffer from various health disorders and often show their pet parents telltale symptoms that something is […]

Why do cats cry like babies?

Just about every cat owner will know what I’m talking about. That nighttime cry that shocks us awake with its uncanny resemblance to the sound of a crying baby. It can be alarming to cat owners when this happens, it can sound like your feline friend is in distress. A sharp and high-pitched wail that […]

Why do cats cover up their poop and pee?

One of the big advantages of cats as pets is their predisposition to burying their waste products. This is mostly put down to the fact that cats are clean animals who love to spend their spare time grooming and of course when nature calls, they like to leave no mess behind them. But the real […]

How high can cats jump?

Cats are well known for their ability to jump. In fact, many pet owners get frustrated by cats jumping onto kitchen surfaces, seeking higher ground, sometimes even knocking objects over. It is, however, a natural behavior derived from their wild cat ancestry – but it perhaps isn’t so well suited to domesticated household pet cats […]

Can cats swim?

It is well known that domestic cats often seem to have an intrinsic fear of water. Bathing a cat, for example, is no easy task! Something about water just seems to spook them and put them on edge; it can even make them run in the opposite direction. Cats often seem to avoid water at […]

Why do cats lick you?

Cats spend a large amount of their time grooming themselves with their tongues. In some instances, this can keep them busy up to 50% of their waking hours. This grooming is a natural behavior and their tongue is the perfect tool for the job. Cats tongues are surfaced with “Papillae” this is what gives them […]

How to stop a cat from biting

Cats are complex animals with many different behaviors, a variety of vocalizations and specific body language. Learning to understand all of this is key to developing a happy and healthy relationship with your cat, in which both him and yourself feel comfortable and content. This article will discuss the main reasons for biting and explore […]

Why do cats hiss at each other?

Hissing is a relatively common behavior in cats. We generally associate it with negativity; a defensive noise used to deter possible danger. However, cats may hiss for a number of reasons, not only to defend themselves. This article will explore how and why cats hiss, in particular why they often hiss at each other. How […]