Why do cats eyes glow?

The stunning sparkle of your cat’s eyes peering out of the darkness may seem like a magic trick to your eyes, but this glow is just a little aspect of feline nature. Your cat’s eyes have some unique morphological and physiological structures that people don’t. Shining cat’s eyes preserve supernatural thoughts for thousands of years, […]

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

That cat’s asleep again! All cat parents have probably said this over time. On the couch, in the garden, and even in the washing basket! They always find the most comfortable places to take a nap and don’t they get into some wonderful positions when doing it. We know they seem to sleep an inordinate […]

When Do Cats Stop Growing?

When do cats stop growing? Well, the best way to know this is to, of course start at the beginning. In order to fully understand a cat’s growth cycle, it is important to know all aspects of how they develop from kittenhood and into adulthood. Ordinarily cats stop growing between eighteen months and two years […]


One of the curiosities that most intrigues many owners or anyone who lives with cats is their love and obsession with boxes. Probably, it has happened to you that you spend a lot of money on a bed, a scratching post or a toy for your cat and with great enthusiasm you expect it to […]

Why do cats lick their lips?

Obviously cats may lick their lips after finishing a good ole meal that they were just eating but also cats licking their lips can mean a number of other different things. Some of these things are completely normal and harmless but other are telling signs of more serious health related problems. It’s important what things […]

Why is my cat losing Teeth? A quick insight

Dental issues are very much common in cats. Generally, dental problems are observed in older cats. Usually, dental conditions are preventable and curable, if you give proper care to your cat. Cat owners ask so many questions about the overall dental health of their beloved cats. Why my cat is losing teeth? Which are important […]

Why is my cat wheezing?

Does it hurt you when your cat wheezes so frequently?  Yes, this is a point to be noticed when a cat is wheezing regularly and intensely. Many owners show curiosity to know about “Causes of wheezing/heavy breathing in cats. Remember, don’t ignore, if your cat is wheezing on regular basis. Take it into your account […]

Can My Cat Get Covid19? What Do I Need To Know..

Can my cat get it and if so, what does that mean? Corona viruses can cause respiratory and GI symptoms in cats. Please check out the video.. Keep in mind the information on this is constantly changing..

What Does It Mean When Cats Touch Noses

Whenever you meet someone, whether it is someone new or someone that you know – you’re more than likely to give them a form of acknowledgement. This could come in the form of a nod, a smile, a handshake or even a hug (and we all know that one person who’s a serial hugger!). And […]

Why Do Cats Act Weird When You Scratch Their Lower Back?

Cats love to be scratched and stroked by their human companions. In fact, some cats have been known to look for their owner’s attention all throughout the day. And for humans, scratching a cat while she lays on your lap or in front of your desk is an indescribable feeling of bonding and quality time […]