Why do cats rub against you

Cats are complex, strong-minded and independent animals. They generally know what they want and will communicate this to you via very specific body language – including vocalizations and actions. One particularly common behavior of cats is rubbing – i.e. rubbing their body (be that their whole body, or just their head) against you and other […]

How Old Is Your Cat In Human Years?

  Have you heard a typical myth about cats that one year of Cat’s life is equal to Seven Human years? But the speed of age in cats is much faster than that. Do you know why this myth was created? It was created because many people thought that the age of their pets is […]

Why is my cat urinating outside the litter box?

Many medical and psychological problems can cause your cat to urinate outside the litter box. The leading cause may be a urinary tract infection, but it could be kidney disease, diabetes, or anything that make your cat feel uncomfortable, such as arthritis. Continue reading to learn more about all the possible causes which lead your […]

How do cats get fleas indoors?

Fleas are the nightmare of any pet’s existence. However, if you think the cat only lives inside the house, so you have nothing to worry about, think again. Indoor cats can get parasitic fleas and other pests, like ticks, just like outdoor cats. A house is not a controlled environment; people come and go with […]

Are domestic cats nocturnal?

  Cats are primarily nocturnal, but they can also show crepuscular behavior (active during dawn and dusk). Are domestic cat’s nocturnal? That’s the right question to ask if your cat zooms around your house at night. Despite your kitty’s disregard for your sleep schedule, the cats are not nocturnal; instead, they are crepuscular creatures. Understanding […]

Why Do Cats Knock Things Over?

We all know the image of our cat knocking objects off the table or off a shelf. What is the cause of this behavior? Let’s see why cats throw things on the floor. We may think that cats throw things because… they are cats, that is to say, little beings with the appearance of an […]

Why do cats eyes glow?

The stunning sparkle of your cat’s eyes peering out of the darkness may seem like a magic trick to your eyes, but this glow is just a little aspect of feline nature. Your cat’s eyes have some unique morphological and physiological structures that people don’t. Shining cat’s eyes preserve supernatural thoughts for thousands of years, […]

Why Do Cats Sleep So Much?

That cat’s asleep again! All cat parents have probably said this over time. On the couch, in the garden, and even in the washing basket! They always find the most comfortable places to take a nap and don’t they get into some wonderful positions when doing it. We know they seem to sleep an inordinate […]

When Do Cats Stop Growing?

When do cats stop growing? Well, the best way to know this is to start at the beginning. In order to fully understand a cat’s growth cycle, it is important to know all aspects of how they develop from kittenhood and into adulthood. Ordinarily cats stop growing between eighteen months and two years old, but […]


One of the curiosities that most intrigues many owners or anyone who lives with cats is their love and obsession with boxes. Probably, it has happened to you that you spend a lot of money on a bed, a scratching post or a toy for your cat and with great enthusiasm you expect it to […]