Cat named Dennis Quaid Adopted By Actor Dennis Quaid From Humane Society

How will you react if I tell you; the famous star “Dennis Quaid” has a furry friend with the same name? According to Local Virginia news station, WSLS Dennis Quaid, 66, adopted a black furry friend. However, the cat shares the same name with the actor, and he adopted from “Humane Society.”   Quaid said […]

75-year-old Wisconsin man naps with cats every day while volunteering ((see pics))

Terry Lauerman of Green Bay, Wisconsin has become somewhat of a legend to a local animal sanctuary, and to the cats he naps with every day.             More Sharable Funny Viral Content   Cat Dances with Politician at Press Conference ((so funny)) Cat Dances Along with Two Politicians ((hilarious)) Images […]

The Carrot Is Better Than The Stick

When a cat owner looks for the first time to train their cat – or at least, to correct certain problem behaviors – they will often find themselves asking the same question that is asked by trainers all over the world. Do I take the disciplinarian attitude that my rules must be followed (or there […]

The Difference Between Cats And Dogs

When it comes to training an animal, there is no doubt that different limitations apply to different animals. Anyone who has seen a dog show will know that dogs can be trained to do a great number of things. Training a cat is certainly possible, but there is no doubt whatsoever that most of the […]

Can you train a cat?

In the never-ending debate over cats and dogs, a theory frequently advanced by the dog fraternity is that cats are impossible to train, and for this reason dogs are better per se. The attitude is that, because you can find guide dogs and sniffer dogs, while there are no cats employed in these sectors, that […]