How often should I take my cat to the vet?

Your cat’s age and overall health will influence the response to this issue, but we’ve included some general guidelines below. Kittens (from birth to one year) For the first 16 weeks of their lives, kittens can see their doctor as much as once every 3-4 weeks. Your kitty will receive a series of vaccines during […]

Different reasons why cats meow

Cats can be noisy animals. They communicate by ‘meowing’ – that is, by making specific vocal sounds depicted by humans as meowing. Meowing occurs in many situations and is the main form of communication by cats – it is used for both inter-species communication but, more significantly, to communicate with us, their owners. Of course, […]

How do cats choose their favorite person?

How do cats choose their favorite person? Understand that cats are often depicted as unfriendly, hostile and dismissive pets. This isn’t generally true; they can be very friendly and cuddly. However, it is common for cats to be relatively blunt and stand-off ish. They know what they want and will voice their opinions clearly via […]

First Time Cat Owner

What you need to know So, you’ve seen those pretty photos of cats, the cute videos online, seen them perhaps playing together in the street or park and don’t they look adorable? Yes, of course a furry four-legged friend is exactly what your life and home needs. You have made your decision to become a […]

First Time Cat Owner Checklist

By being a first time cat owner, adopting a cat is an excellent idea for a home and life companion. Although cats are known to be independent, they are very affectionate animals. But even when sometimes, they require less work than dogs, like all pets, they need a lot of attention, care and maintenance and […]

The Best Cat Litter Subscription Service

Cats are an ideal pet for a whole range of reasons. For many people the sheer convenience of not having to take it for a walk two or three times a day makes them a far more preferable choice than a dog. Having a pet that can perform their ‘business’ indoors in a litter tray […]

5 Best Flea products for cats

Several Flea products are available for effective killing and prevention from flea’s attack on the cats. Some are available in the oral formulation and others in topical forms and need gentle rubbing into the skin coat. The onset of action and period of action varies for every product. So, let’s discuss the five best flea […]

5 Best Cat Calming Products

Stress and anxiety are very commonly met issue in every pet and produces debilitating effects on health. There are many manifestations of stress and anxiety, such as withdrawal, aggression, urine spraying, peeing, avoidance of litter box, or sometimes depression. There are several products formulated for refining such behavior. The activity, chemical nature, and beneficial effects […]

5 Best Cat Litters of 2021

Cat litter is formulated in various types based on water holding capacity, cost, drying time, residual water, pH, and particle size. But the best cat litter should have a good water holding capacity and less drying time. It should not produce any smell and should be healthy for the environment and allergic people. It should […]

The Best Unique Cat Names of 2021

Your cat deserves the best name as this small ball of fur is your best friend. No matter if you have a white, gray, brown, or any color of the cat, it will be fun to find out the cutest name for your cutest furry friend.  I will talk about the cutest cat names here to […]