Cats still bother you even after Death..(( Funny!!))

Cat CRASHES out of Cat Atrium..(( LOL!!))

Cat says “You Can Not Hold Me in Here!!” as he breaks out..  

Cat goes after Fly after Landing on Political Figure – OMG!!

Watch this cat go after a fly that landed on this political figure..

Can You Find The Hidden Cat in This Photo? (click pic to enlarge)

The hidden cat in this viral photo is Driving People Crazy.. If you find the kitty, SHARE this to your FB page to see if your friends can find it.. click pic to enlarge..  

Cat Sits on Arrested Man.. unbelievable ((view pics))

A cat sits on a man laying on the ground after being arrested.. Maybe the man is a “Cat Burglar”? :>)

20 Fun Facts about Cats

Many cat owners find their feline friends to be quite the enigma. Cats are sometimes thought of as sneaky, mysterious, and evil. Even though decoding their motivations and actions can be an impossible task, there is still a lot known about these creatures.   Have you ever wondered why your cat stares at you when […]

Cat carries her sick kitten to a hospital in Turkey, medics treat the little one. ((Must see pics ))

The feeling of motherhood really passes the bounds of space, time, and even species. A cat carrying her sick little kitten in its mouth into a hospital in Istanbul, Turkey for help. A set of pictures (below) showcase medics helping the cat and her baby.

Cat reunited with owner during live interview after fire ((wonderful))

It was a happy reunion on live television. As a two-alarm fire burned parts of their pet grooming business, Janet Dupris and Courtney Bergeron waited anxiously to hear if their pet cat and parrot had survived the fire.

The “world’s worst cat” is searching for her forever home (( must read this ))

Perdita, a 4-year-old cat, arrived at Mitchell County Animal Rescue in Spruce Pine, North Carolina, on Christmas Eve after her previous owner passed away. The shelter has since been trying to adopt her out and decided to be absolutely transparent in the process. “Perdita, we thought she was sick, turns out she’s just a jerk,” […]

Cat named Dennis Quaid Adopted By Actor Dennis Quaid From Humane Society

How will you react if I tell you; the famous star “Dennis Quaid” has a furry friend with the same name? According to Local Virginia news station, WSLS Dennis Quaid, 66, adopted a black furry friend. However, the cat shares the same name with the actor, and he adopted from “Humane Society.”   Quaid said […]