The World News Daily Report published a story that has remained sensational to date. According to the story, an 83-year-old Ruth Gregson from Columbus, Ohio, was accused of a fascinating crime. The elderly lady had trained her 65 cats to steal shiny jewelry from her neighbors. The story hit the headlines of many blogs, articles, and social media posts.

The Article

According to all those (including cats) involved, the Columbus Police Department knew it  had an interesting case. They opened an investigation on 83-year-old Ruth Gregson. Several of Ruth’s neighbors reported that shiny valuables such as cutlery and jewelry would disappear when Ruth’s cats visited their houses. The investigators were skeptical of the claims.

However, they carried out a surveillance operation, and their discovery was beyond shocking. Ruth’s dozens of cats would always leave her house and bring back any shiny objects the cats found in other people’s houses. Columbus Police Chief Kim Jacobs described Ruth as a character in Oliver Twist. Fagin, from Oliver Twist, used children to steal. On the other hand, Ruth was using cats. The detectives surveyed her home for less than three hours, within which the cats brought over a hundred objects.

The detectives searched Ruth’s house and found jewelry and precious metals worth $650,000. There was also a pile of valueless shiny items. 65 adult cats were at her home. There were also 17 kittens. The cats were taken to a Humane Society in Columbus.

Ruth confessed that she trained her cats to steal so they could earn their meals. According to police Chief Kim, the cats got fed only if they brought home valuable items. Therefore, they stole daily to survive. The ploy was quite easy since most neighbors would pity the skinny cats and let them into their houses. The cats could have stolen in more than 5,000 residences in the area.

This 83 year-old became the first person to be accused of a theft crime using cats in America. However, it wasn’t the first time that animals were used to steal. In 2009, CCTV cameras caught footage of a monkey stealing plants from a nursery in Texas. The plants were worth hundreds of dollars. In 2013, a man was sentenced to a five-year jail term in Chicago. He had trained ferrets to snatch telephones from people.


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