Feeding Your Cat: Dos and Don’ts

As you know, food is one of the most essential needs of cats which the owner must provide. It is definitely not up for debate that this is the most important thing cats need and what you feed them shows the nutritional value of the food.

It’s important that our pets eat healthy to ensure they grow properly and are safe from possible illness. Some rules to follow include feeding your cat a balanced-diet and ensuring that they never lack drinking water. What else do we need to be reminded about? These are some of the tips that will help you stop feeding your cats the wrong way.

  • Stay away from feeding them with food that have by-products like ‘meat and/or bone meal’, ‘animal digest’, or other descriptions like ‘meal’ or ‘digest’ and incorporated sugars. Foods like these are not healthy for them and do not provide any nutrition whatsoever.
  • Avoid feeding them with foods containing corn meal as the fillers.
  • Do not feed them with foods that are 50% carbohydrate fillers.
  • Completely keep away foods that contain a lot of preservatives.

These guidelines should be taken into consideration because if you are unaware of what would be good for your cat, you would go on to buy the wrong food for them.

So, what is okay for cats?

Take note of the essential needs of your cat’s nutritional needs. This incudes Protein which can be gotten from fish, poultry or meat; Taurine which is an essential amino acid; other enzymes, vitamins, fatty acids, minerals and water.

Are carbohydrates one of the nutritional needs of cats?

Yes, just as we do, they need carbs also. We can’t avoid the carbohydrate fillers especially the ones in canned cat food. However, we have to make sure the filers aren’t more than 50%. A very helpful tip is to give your cat different kinds of food occasionally. If you give them the same thing every time, they will get bored and this will reduce their appetite and subsequently, their nutrition.

Hopefully, with these little tips, you’ll be better equipped to do the needful in providing the dietary needs of your cats.

Have fun keeping pets.

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