How to help cats with dry skin

Well, let’s see… First you notice it!

Symptoms of dry skin on your feline friend can be that you notice them scratching more than usual, they may have dandruff style flakes in their fur, not a good look for your four-legged friend! You may have noticed their coat is not shining as it usually does. Perhaps their fur is falling out more than usual or matting as they are unable to reach that itchy spot!  But what to do and how to eradicate and manage this issue for your cat is what this article will cover.

What the common causes of dry skin are…

One of the most common causes that your cat has dry skin probably means there is a deficiency in their diet.  Cats require a good nutritionally balanced diet, which should include Omega three and six, these fatty oils are beneficial in many areas of optimizing your cat’s health care. Zinc in moderate amounts is also good as it improves the quality of your cat’s skin and hair, as an aside, it is also said to improve their reproductive capability.

If your cat is senior or geriatric, it may have arthritis or other mobility issues. If they cannot reach or move to scratch certain areas, they may get dry and flaky skin.

Long haired cats may get bathed due to their breed, matting etc, although most breeds of cats never receive one, and wouldn’t thank you for a bath! This dries out the natural oils in their skin and hair and if bathed too often will cause skin irritations. As a cat owner you may want to bathe your cat to combat flea infestation, but there are other options on the market to lessen the stress of your cat receiving a bath!

There are many health conditions that cause dry skin in your kitty cat. Heart, kidney and thyroid are some of them. Malnutrition or infection or even an immunity weakness, diabetes may also to be considered. A visit to your veterinarian is advised if your cat is changing it’s usual grooming routine or showing other signs of discomfort.

Another reason for your cat having dry skin could be allergic reactions to things within your home. This may sound strange but is often a cause of dry and flaky skin. Aerosol spray cans, oil burners, heating systems can cause skin problems for your kitty. As can pollen from house plants, or even the soil. Other pets within the home, could be the issue as they have a different makeup than the cat’s. Cats are very sensitive to smoky atmospheres which can affect your cat’s respiratory system. Dust mites could also be a reason…

Finding and sorting the problem…

Brushing your cat daily has many advantages, you will notice any changes in skin condition earlier if your feline friend is regularly groomed, early diagnosis is obviously best.

If your cat has a flea infestation, it is easily remedied, but be mindful of products that boast being safe. Many products have added chemicals which may cause issues in other areas of your cat’s body, not a good thing. Natural products are by far the best but may take a bit longer to work. Keeping to natural ingredients in flea medication is the way to go and a very good place to find these are online at the Two Crazy Cat Ladies website which offers practical solutions with naturally produced products.

So, through daily grooming you discover no flea infestation, great, so other avenues need to be investigated. Diet is a probable cause for dry skin. Look into what the ingredients are in your cat’s food. Change your cat’s food gradually if you believe this is the issue, they like us need time to accept change. Take time to understand what you are putting into their system; your cat will thank you for the rewards of this! Make sure there are yummy Omega three and six fatty oils in their new food, this is great for all over cat health.

Older cats or obese cats often get dandruff, they may be unable to reach places on their bodies due to pain. Daily grooming helps not only with the dandruff issue, but releases toxins from the body.

Health conditions are another reason your feline friend may be experiencing dry skin. It is important to gain veterinary advice to ensure your cat’s health, once this is diagnosed you can work on a plan to perhaps minimize dry skin.

Allergic reactions to things within your home can be reduced by using natural cleaning products. So, it is a matter of elimination, that new laundry detergent that you thought you’d try? It may be the cause, but there are many things to investigate, including soil in house plants, as there may be soil mold. Pollen’s and airborne allergens should be minimized, again by elimination. Smoky atmospheres can cause serious issues for your cat’s respiratory system which in turn affects their skin condition, it is good practice to be aware of clean air. The list may seem never ending, but by eliminating items, and then reintroducing them will ensure you find the key issues of allergies for your cat.

Minimizing dry skin into the future for your feline friend

Dietary needs may require changing over time, but by keeping to a natural product will continue to ensure your cat’s health is optimized, both for skin problems and overall health and well-being.

Continued regular daily grooming of your four-legged friend will minimize any recurrence of dry skin issues.

Go natural! Continuing using natural house products is good for everyone in your home, but especially your cat. The benefits of a more natural well-balanced diet has shown that your cat’s coat is in good condition and their skin healed, keep it up.

Don’t forget there is a plethora of information online, the Two Crazy Cat Ladies is a phenomenal site, encouraging usage of natural products, practical advice on skin care and the best ways to keep your cat as healthy as possible.

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