How to train a cat not to jump on counters

Do you own a cat who always wants to climb on the counter? It is a common issue among all cat owners. In some cases, we even never see the cat climbing on the counter, but they leave their fur or paw print. It tells us that our cat has been sneaking there. It is very important to stop the cats from jumping on the counters. To train them not to do so, first, we need to understand why they jump onto the counters and why it can be harmful.

Why are cats fond of being on counters?

Cats love to jump on counters. Especially if it’s a kitchen counter, you will always see your cat sneaking up there. There are many reasons for this behavior.

The smell of delicious food

Kitchen counters always have the smell of delicious food that attracts our cats. If a cat becomes successful in finding something yummy to eat on the counter once, she will definitely come back for more. It will become her habit to jump on the counter and check out the countertops.

Cats love to be on heights.

Cats are natural climbers and love to be up high. The height gives them a sense of power and security. A cat never loses a chance to jump on anything.

 The curiosity factor cats.

Cats are really curious about anything and everything that is happening around them. They don’t want to feel left out of any situation and love to explore new things. Sometimes your cat can jump on the kitchen counter just out of curiosity.

 Cats love attention

Cats love our attention and affection.  If you spend a lot of time while cooking in the kitchen, your cat can jump on the counter to show her presence.

Why is it important to stop a cat from jumping on the counters?

You can choose if you want to let your cat jump on the counter or not. But there is no benefit of letting them do so. In fact, it can be harmful to them and will cause many problems for you. Your cat can break the pots or other expensive items as she jumps on the counter. Some human foods are not good for cats. Your cat can eat many things from the counter that are dangerous for her. Moreover, they can break something and get injured. They can spoil your food too by putting their paw in it.

How to train a cat not to jump on counters.

There is a key point to train your cat for anything.  If you want to stop your cat from approaching anything, simply make that thing unappealing for your cat. It is also important to provide her an alternative to that thing to keep her satisfied. You can follow some simple tips and tricks to train your cat not to jump on counters.

1: Remove any helping item

If there is a chair or stool near your kitchen counter, remove it. The chair can help your cat to jump on the counters. By removing it from that place, you can make it difficult for your cat to sneak over the high counter.


2: Make your counter less attractive

Keeping your counter clean can also help to stop your cat from jumping on it. Never put your cat’s food or treat on the countertop. Remove any food crumbs that can attract your cat’s attention. Keep the counter as clear as possible. If you have a window near the counter, make sure to cover it with curtains. Your cat will not jump on the counter if there is nothing of interest.

3: Use foil or cleaning products

Cats don’t like noises. Anything that makes noise can scare them eventually. You can use this point to train your cat not to jump on counters. Put sticking foil or baking paper on the countertop. It will produce a sound whenever your cat jumps on the counter. It will scare away your cat and she will associate the noise with jumping on the kitchen counter. It will prevent her from jumping on it in the future. The cleaners with a strong smell like citrus can also be helpful for this purpose. Clean your countertop with such bacterial cleaner and it will act as a natural deterrent for your cat.

4: Provide alternative options

The most effective way of keeping your cat away from jumping on the kitchen counters is to offer them some alternative to satisfy their jumping habit. Cats like to jump on high spots. If you provide your cat a safe and attractive climbing spot, she is definitely going to love it. A cat tree or a cat tower can be the best alternative to provide them a legal jumping spot.

Cats also love to see outside from the window. Make some space in some windows for your cat to sit and relax while watching outside. It will keep them away from the kitchen window. Place the jumping tower near the window. It will give her the best alternative to feel safe and she will enjoy the outside view from a higher position. It will make your cat feel more comfortable and satisfied, hence keeping her away from jumping on the counters.

5: Offer them treats

A cat will always respond positively to her favorite treats. Training them for anything with the help of treats is always a better idea than punishing them. If you see your cat jumping on your counter, show her a treat to grab her attention. Put the treat on the floor away from the counter. She will come down to get the treat and will realize that she gets rewards for not jumping on the counters. The positive reinforcement will make your cat happy while keeping her away from the counters.

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