How to train a cat to sit on your lap

Every cat has a unique personality. Different cats show different kinds of behaviors when it comes to interaction with humans. Some cats always want to interact with their owners and will love to sit on their lap while others can be shy and stubborn. Many factors affect the cat’s behavior.  If a cat is kept away from humans since its early age, more than likely it will not cuddle or sit on your lap. Most owners want a loveable cuddly cat. If you are one of them, I have a few tips for you to train your cat to sit on your lap.

1: Make your cat feel safe.

First of all, a cat should feel safe and secure in his surroundings. It will make him comfortable with the environment. The cat will be scared if he is not feeling safe.  He will hide in a place where he can feel safe and will not come out to sit on your lap. Make sure to let him feel secure and comfortable and for this purpose:

  • Analyze the whole atmosphere.
  • Make changes in order to make it more secure and comfortable for your cat.
  • Set up a cat tree or build a small hiding place for your cat in the room.
  • If you have more than one cat, make sure to provide them separate hiding spaces.

2: Start training him from an early age.

The best time to start training your cat is at its early age. IF you have brought a little kitten home, welcome him warmly and make him feel comfortable and secure. This is the perfect time to build a strong relationship with him.

  • Let him roam around and explore the house by himself.
  • Let him feel that the whole house is his safe place.
  • If he comes to you for love and affection. Hold him in your hands and allow him to sit on your lap.
  • Handle him with care and give him appreciation and positive vibes and strokes.

3: Never force your cat to sit on your lap.

Forcing your cat is never a good idea. Don’t force them to sit or stay on your lap when they just want to leave. You might irritate or scare them, and they will not come back to sit on your lap ever again. Always try to be calm and create a soothing environment for your cat.

  • Sit somewhere and let your cat come to you naturally.
  • You can make your cat a lap cat only if he wants to be near you naturally.
  • Choose a place to sit where your cat can easily find you. It is important to choose a safe spot as your cat will cuddle more when he is in his safe place.
  • Never chase your cat and let him leave if he wants to leave.

4: Give them their favorite treat.

Sometimes his favorite treats can be helpful to train him to sit on his lap. It is the best way to encourage them to behave positively. Positive reinforcement also increases their love and affection towards you. If your cat is stubborn and does not sit on your lap:

  • Try to carry some treats in your pocket..
  • Give him treats when he comes to you and sits on your lap.  He will find it enjoyable and will learn to sit and cuddle with you.
  • Praise them for doing so whenever they sit on your lap.

5: Spend maximum time with your kitten.

Socialization is also very important to train your cat to sit on your lap. Human interaction makes them feel comfortable around you and cuddling becomes easier.

  • Try to interact with your kitten from the day you bring him home. Let him meet your family and friends.
  • Make sure to spend the maximum time with him. He will love your attention and will give you love and affection in return.
  • Be his friend so, he can feel safe around you.
  • Play interactive games with your cat. It will help to build a strong relationship between you and your cat. A happy and friendly cat will love to sit on your lap.

6: Keep calm and take care of their needs.

Always talk to your cat calmly and never shout at him. Shouting and punishing your cat will scare him and you will become a threat to him. A shy cat will not feel good around you. Keep yourself calm and make sure that your cat finds you a safe owner for him. Take care of his basic needs. He will only turn into a lap cat if you prove to be the best guardian or owner. He will start depending on you for his needs and will become closer to you. He will show love and affection in return.

  • Feed your furry friend on time.
  • Provide him with clean and fresh water.
  • Provide him a clean place to lay down.
  • Talk to him in a good manner.
  • Never shout at your cat.
  • Don’t ever hit or punish your cat.

7: Keep your body language positive.

Your cat has more chances to sit on your lap if he feels happy and comfortable around you. Body language plays an important role in showing your pet your lap is safe for them or not. Maintain positive body language.

  • If you are angry or in a bad mood, try not to interact with your feline.
  • If you want your cat to sit on your lap, try putting his cozy blanket on your lap. It will give him a sense of warmth and security.
  • Make sure that your body language gives them positive and safe signals. It will make them feel loved by you and they will feel secure and relaxed around you.

I am sure that all these tips will help you in one way or the other to turn your stubborn or timid cat into a cuddly lap cat.






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