How to train a cat to use the cat door?

Cat flap training is not so difficult.   Many cats will start using the cat door by the time they see it for the first time. Some cats can shy away from a new cat door even if they are trained to use a cat door.  Cats usually love to explore and go in and out so, you don’t have to worry about flap training. If you provide them with a cat door, they will feel the freedom to go out for exercise or toilet without your help.

You can train your cat to use a cat door at any age. Patience is the key. Just make sure that your cat is vaccinated and is able to go outside and come back on its own. If your cat has any issues in using the cat door, you can resolve them with a little effort. Here are some simple tips that you can follow to train your cat to use the cat door.

Make the new cat door familiar to your cat.

Introduce the new cat door to your cat before installation. Let your cat check and explore the door on her own. She will get used to the smell of it. If you planning to install a Microchip cat door, then configure the microchip of your kitten into the door before installation.

Be careful while installing the cat door. Install the cat door a little higher from the floor. The perfect distance is equal to the distance of the cat’s belly from the ground. Avoid installing the door at a position where it opens up to an open place. A cat is more likely to use the cat door that opens up under a shelter behind the plants or some other objects.

Keep the door closed first.

Start making your cat feel comfortable around the closed-door first. Keep the cat door locked and play with your feline near it. Feed her or offer her treats near the door so, that she can get good vibes. In this way, she will build a positive relationship with the door.

 Make the door smell like your cat.

Animals recognize things by their smell. You can use their ability to smell in training them to use the cat door. If your cat is not willing to go through the cat door, add its own scent to the door. It is the fastest way to make your cat know that there is something familiar about the door. you can use a piece of cloth for this purpose. Just rub your dry or wet cat, then wipe the cat door with the same clothing. It will make the door smelling like your cat and she will find it comfortable to come near that door.

Keep the cat flap open.

Keep the door open for some days after adding your cat’s smell to it. It is effective for both magnetic and non-magnetic doors. A cat that is nervous to use the new door will feel more comfortable with the open door. It will make her realize that there is an open hole in your wall or main door through which she can go out and come in whenever she wants to. The open flap will also allow your cat to see where it goes. She will be less scared and feel more relaxed using that door to go out.

Push the door for your cat.

We all know that the main purpose of installing a cat door is to avoid pushing the door for them every time they go out. But pushing the cat door for some time can help to train them to use the door. Many cats learn, what they see. When they watch you push the door, they understand that how to push the door to go out.  Try opening it for your cat for some time, then let her do it for herself.

Bribe her with a treat.

Cats love to get treats. If your feline does not feel comfortable going through the cat door, you can bribe them with treats. You have to do a little extra effort for this. Fill your hands with her favorite treat and stand on the other side of the door.  Or you can just simply put the treat behind the door.  Your cat will automatically come out through the cat door when she will see you standing on the other side with a treat or her favorite toy.  Cat herbs can also be helpful to train them. Try putting some catnip or other herbs at the door. The smell of herbs is so strong that your cat can easily detect them. The cat will use the door if she wants to get her favorite herbs.

Eliminate door noise or replace the cat door.

Most cats don’t like loud noises. The door that makes loud noise can scare away your cat and she will not be willing to use the door. Moist the cat door with creasy oil to reduce the noise. You can also cover the magnets with tape.

Be patient and never give up.

Every cat will not respond in the same way to these techniques. some cats will start using the door immediately while others can take weeks to be fully trained to use a cat door. You need to be patient and consistent. The most important thing is never to give up and never start pushing the cat door for them every time.  Never force your cat to do anything, she will learn to use the cat door with time.

If your cat is still afraid to push and use the door. Try replacing the door for some time. Uninstall the door and hang a curtain in the place of the door. Your cat will be able to push the curtain easily and it will produce no noise. You can reinstall the cat door once you see your cat is fully trained to use the door.







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