Learn Your Cat’s Likes And Dislikes


Cat owners trying to train their cats have one complaint in common and it makes them feel like bashing their heads on a wall. They all complain that they do what is expected of them but still can’t figure out how to go about it and that it feels as though the cat itself is pushing them to do what it wants. Even though it’s true that you have to give something to get something, you should keep in mind that in training a cat, what matters at last is having a happy cat. Do you often find yourself asking, “what do cats like?” or “what do cats dislike?”

Keep in mind that there are lines your cat won’t like you to cross. There are cats that won’t like to be picked up till they die. You don’t train them to like this particular thing. Whenever you try to hold them, they’ll always squirm and try to break free. It’s not pleasant for some owners but it is very important that you do not coerce the cat to like what it simply doesn’t like. You’ll only make your cat unhappy.

If you employ a cat’s likes and dislikes while training it and you give it treats, you’ll discover what it really enjoys and what it dislikes so much as not to try at all. Doing this will help you get more done and in shorter time. A cat that is happy will go along with what you want more than one that has the notion that you’re keeping it from doing what it desires to do. This is a universal phenomenon but there are owners who believe forcing a cat to do something is the way to go. It just never works that way.


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