Looking For Safe, Holistic Supplements For Your Cats Common Health Problems?

holistic supplements for catsAs a cat person, there are many things you should know about your pet. Cats are lively pets, but they may have some underlying problems at times, which you may overlook easily. That’s why there are many supplements for cats to boost their health. So, buy holistic supplements for cats from a trusted store only.

You may be wondering if holistic supplements for cats’ are essential or it’s a form of luxurious needs for the cat. The truth is that cats need extensions to their diets for healthier lives and long life. All pets need healthy living products, and supplements are among the requirements. Statistically, when a cat gets sick, it needs supplements to get better and heal faster.

Some cats have underlying illnesses that cannot be detected early; hence, holistic supplements for cats will heal their sickness without the owners’ knowledge. The best thing about cats is that there are several home remedies for cats that you can use to boost your pet’s health.

When buying supplements for cats, you need to be cautious because there are many unproven supplements in the markets today. Get your holistic supplements for cats from reliable and proven stores like the “Two Crazy Cat LadiesSupplement Shop ..

What supplements do to cats’ bodies is to correct any existing deficiencies. Deficiencies arise anytime because cats are susceptible to several illnesses.

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The common health problems in cats include;

  • vomiting

Many cats suffer from vomiting issues from time to time, and the causes of vomiting in cats are widespread. A cat may vomit due to problems like eating a poisonous material. Something like a string may be swallowed accidentally by cats, and they end up vomiting. When a cat has an infection, it may vomit many diabetic cats vomit from time to time. There are several symptoms to look out for in your cat, especially when having issues with food.

Symptoms like abnormal breathing and drooling show that a cat is suffering from vomiting. This condition leaves negative impacts on your cat, such as dehydration. Through vomiting, a cat loses a lot of water in its system. When you notice these symptoms in your cat, you should contact a vet immediately. You may also collect your cats’ vomit and take it to a vet for sampling if the vets’ clinic is miles away.

  • (FLUTD) Feline Lower Urinary Tract Diseases

Many cats suffer from this condition from time to time, and it’s a type of feline illness with several causes.

All genders of cats can suffer from this condition; hence it’s your duty as the pet owner to look after your cat. Most cats that suffer from the illness are overweight cats or physically unfit cats and cats that eat dried foods. Susceptible cats to the condition are the stressed ones, and treatment for this illness varies depending on the type of FLUTD in its system.

Common signs of FLUTD are;

  • Blood in urine
  • Random urination
  • Trouble when urinating
  • Pain when urinating which may result in a crying
  • Depression
  • Vomiting
  • Dehydration
  • Loss of appetite
  • Trouble passing urine

Cats with urination issues suffer from severe conditions; hence it’s necessary to call a vet as soon as you notice that your cat suffers from these symptoms. It’s usually an issue that requires emergency attention; call a vet immediately when you see that your cat has these signs.

  • Fleas

Many cats suffer from flea infestations without their owners’ knowledge. The fleas drain a cat’s blood; hence it will suffer from itching, dry coat, and loss of appetite. The condition is common in cats, and it’s an external feline health issue. It’s easily treatable, and it depicts many signs.

Signs that show your cat have fleas;

  • Dark dots on the cats’ coat
  • Scratching constantly
  • Licking the coat often
  • Irritated or red skin
  • Loss of hair or fur
  • Skin infection

When you aren’t keen enough as a pet owner, your cat may suffer from severe conditions like anemia due to fleas infestation. Getting rid of fleas in your cats’ skin may take time because they thrive on their skin for a year. It would help if you had veterinary advice when you notice these signs in your pet. The earlier condition treatment occurs, the better because some shampoos help prevent future infestation.

There are oral medicines for preventing fleas infestation in cats; foams and powders are also available to control fleas’ infestation.

  • Tapeworms

Many cats suffer from tapeworms, and it’s a disturbing illness for cats. The tapeworms thrive in cats’ intestines, and they can grow up to a length of two feet. The worms mostly segment after growing to full height, and they affect cats severely.

A cat that’s suffering from tapeworms’ infestation will show some signs like weight loss and vomiting. The feces of your cat can quickly tell you if the cat is suffering from tapeworms. They come out of cats’ anus while resting, so you may notice worms’ presence in your cats’ beddings. The worms are grain-like and white in color, so in case you notice them around the cats’ it is evident that your cat has tapeworms.

There are many ways of treating tapeworms in your cat, and a vet will help you if your cat has the worms. The standard treatments are topical medications, oral medicine, and injections. Most cats get the worms if they have had previous flea infestations, so it’s advisable to get rid of them first.

  • Diarrhea

All pets suffer from diarrhea from time to time, and the common causes of the condition are intestinal parasites, allergy, spoilt food, infection, cancer, liver sickness, etc.

The common signs of diarrhea in your cat are; watery stool, loose or liquid feces, and frequency is going to poo. The illness may last up to a week at times, and it dehydrates cats very fast, so it’s advisable to closely monitor your cat if it has any of the signs.

As soon as you notice the signs of diarrhea in your cat, it would help if you took it to a vet. It’s advisable to give the pet enough water if you see the symptoms of diarrhea. Cats dehydrate fast hence they should be given enough water. Severe diarrhea associated with vomiting, bloody stool, lethargy, fever, etc. is a sign of serious underlying illnesses. You should provide your cat with medical attention immediately if it has these signs.

  • Eye Problems

Many cats suffer from eye problems often, and it may be a sign of a corneal ulcer, conjunctivitis, glaucoma, inflammation, cataracts, and trauma.

The condition may be a sign of severe underlying conditions in your cat; hence as soon as you notice these symptoms in your cat’s eyes, you should visit a vet.

  • white eyelid linings/ red
  • watery eyes
  • cloudiness
  • tear-stained coat
  • squinting
  • touching the eye

Vets should come as soon as you notice the symptoms listed above on your cats’ eyes. Also, with the right natural and safe, holistic home remedies, your cat can evade these illnesses.

  • Ear mites found in the cats

Generally, all cats have unique ear complications, but mites in the cat’s ear are the most detected out of all these complications that arise. Otodectes cyanotic, also the ear mite of cats, moves by crawling and not hopping or flying. When these tiny organisms invade your cat’s ear, become comfortable, and begin reproducing may bring harm if not removed in time.

  • Arthritis in cats

Cats suffer from common illness and inflammation on their tendons when they have arthritis. The infection is common, and joints are affected mostly hence causing limited mobility in cats. A cat with arthritis shows stiffness symptoms, and the elbows are involved in most cases.

A cat with arthritis will show decreased movement exercises or activity. It will have hesitance to run, and its litter box habits will lapse. The cat will have discomfort in its sleeping positions. Old cats suffer from arthritis mostly but its part of the aging process.

There are many medications for cats’ arthritis. Holistic supplements for cats can help treat the illness.


  • Cats diabetes

Among all the shocking illnesses, you should worry when your cat has signs of diabetes. They include increased urination, thirst, and it happens mostly in obese cats.

Feline diabetes is common in cats, and the treatment is widespread. There are oral medications, insulin therapy, and low carbohydrate diets, among others. Once you notice the signs, see a vet as soon as possible.


How Using Homeopathic Remedies Can Benefit Your Cats?

The best thing about homeopathy is that it’s a natural, non-toxic remedy for cats, and it gives the pet body an ability to recover faster. There are many approaches to homeopathic remedies, and it’s an addition of many herbal substances that provide human and animal bodies positive impacts. Consult a veterinarian about using any homeopathic remedy.

  • Arnica / (Leopard’s Bane)

Among all home remedies for cats, this is a must-have because it helps incase a cat gets injured. The therapy limits bleeding in pets and prevents the severity of bruises. It also reduces pain when a pet is in shock or going through traumatic experiences after an accident. It stops bleeding and helps prevent infection when a pet has injuries.

  • Arsenicum Album

The Arsenicum album is a kind of treatment remedy for cats. It serves as a home remedy for cats when they have food poisoning, vomiting, nausea, gastrointestinal issues, retching, and dehydration issues. The treatment is also fit for treating allergies and dandruff on cats’ skins.

  • Euphrasia

Cats with CONJUNCTIVITIS and other eye problems can use this home remedy for cats to heal their condition.

It treats sore eyes and swellings.

  • Fragaria

For the treatment of cats’ plaque on the teeth, this is a perfect home remedy.

  • Hepar Sulph

Infections in pets can recover through this home remedy for cats. Treatment of disorders on wounds, skin, and eyes can heal through this remedy.

  • Nux Vomica

Cats with constipation issues and vomiting problems can use this home remedy for cats. It’s used for detoxification of the liver in pets after an episode of food poisoning.


  • Pulsatilla

Cats with loss of appetite can get better using this home remedy.

  • Silica

Cats get pierced sometimes on their paws when walking around. Foreign materials like thorns can be removed from the pets’ bodies using silica.


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