The Best Cat Litter Subscription Service

Cats are an ideal pet for a whole range of reasons. For many people the sheer convenience of not having to take it for a walk two or three times a day makes them a far more preferable choice than a dog. Having a pet that can perform their ‘business’ indoors in a litter tray makes having a cat a practical option. However, to ensure your cat is a happy and healthy cat it is essential to use a cat litter that your pet is comfortable with and works for the owner too!

Cat litter has been on the market for over seventy years. For cat parents that do not have the availability of a garden, it is a must, also for certain breeds of house cats and some people’s choice to keep their cats within their home.

There are many cat litters available on the market today, made with a variety of materials. Some cat litter companies offer subscription services, yep, delivered to your door! For cat owners that live in apartments, lugging heavy litter up stairs can be a chore, so cat litter services are a blessing. This article offers some insight into the best options of subscription cat litter services available and what you can expect from them.

Choosing the right cat litter can increase your pet’s quality of life ten-fold, it is one area where many owners aren’t aware of the difference that a simple change of litter can make. If your cat seems a bit out of sorts, it could be that something as simple as a change of cat litter could make a difference.

Getting the best cat litter for your feline friend

Cats can be picky creatures; we know this and love them for it. Your cat is to some degree going to be the one to decide which cat litter they will use, for if they do not like the texture on their paws or the odor, they will be resistant using it, so patience is needed when choosing and using cat litter.  While your cat may not notice the dust, you are more likely to. Be mindful of dust as this, in itself can cause respiratory ailments in your feline friend as well as yourself.

There are many types of cat litter:  Clay is an extremely popular litter, as are coconut husk, wheat, wood, recycled newspaper or corn to name just a few. A revolutionary cat litter is Pretty Litter, which is made up from a silica gel. This gel can monitor alkalinity and acidity levels in your cat’s urine, it also shows the visible signs of blood. This is great news for your cat and you, the cat owner, as our feline friends are notorious for hiding ill-health and we can be ignorant of health issues until they are very poorly. Pretty Litter has less dust than many other cat litters on the market, which is a positive for your cat, and perhaps yourself if you have respiratory ailments. For many people (and cats obviously) this makes Pretty Litter the perfect choice.

Subscription service decision

So, you have made the decision to subscribe to a cat litter service. Online services are incredibly easy to peruse, you can choose within the comfort of your own home and without that horrible sales pitch of a pushy assistant, and you can read up on the pros and cons before making an informed decision. By using your search engine, you can look up and evaluate the best litter, costing, delivery services that are available.

Making that final choice

One of the issues that we all have as responsible cat owners is that smell! Litter boxes do tend to poo (No pun intended)! You do not want your friends to visit, only to be confronted with a smelly hallway or kitchen. You want to be able to clean up the litter box easily and ensure your home is acceptable to everyone. There are litters that you only scoop the poop! This lessens the amount of litter you use, so works out more affordable.

Some cat litter companies have managed to eliminate the smell of cat urine in their litter, and from reading the reviews from cat parents, you will see that yes, they have really done it!

And so, there is the Kitty Poo Club, who offer the box and litter too, no odors and eco-friendly to boot, but are a more expensive option. Boxiecat offers a lightweight litter, almost dust free which is good, but it is a much more expensive litter than many of its competitors, and also does not offer a trial period or money back guarantee. Skoon is an all-natural cat litter, is biodegradable, has no chemicals and is a hypoallergenic litter which is good for the more sensitive kitty.  Pretty Litter is said to be “the world’s smartest cat litter” it offers an early warning system of color changing silica gel which indicates if your cat is under the weather. Clever huh? This litter company offers a monthly delivery system, and the reviews are quite remarkable.

Take time to read reviews as they do offer real insight into the pros and cons of any given cat litter. Price is another issue, so looking into the annual costing of the litter is a good thing to do. When changing your cat’s litter, you will obviously be mindful of your feline friends’ need for transition, none of us like change and your kitty is no different. Most cat litter companies offer a risk free thirty day trial, some offer you a money back service and you could always purchase without subscribing just to try them.


Decision made! Well done, you have looked into eliminating litter smell, the best options for your cat and the home environment.



Every cat is unique, some are just fussy, some have particular health needs or allergies. Spending some time and a little effort to ensure the cat litter you use is the perfect choice for your feline friend is crucial.

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