What is a good cat litter?

Many people have cats as a pet. However, it is a common perception that cats are low-maintenance animals. For instance, you don’t need to take them outside for the walk. Apart from this, the cats are relatively cleaner than the dogs. But one of the most important things is about cat litter. I know you are already aware that cats can easily use the litter box. So, as a pet owner, it makes your job easy and hassles free. However, after using the litter box, the only thing to do is to scoop the litter when required. But it’s not an easy task to choose the best quality litter for your cat. So what is the best cat litter for your cat? If you are laymen, then you need proper research and guidance to invest in the right litter.

What is cat litter?

There are many names for the litter box like a sandbox, cat box, cat pan, litter pan, etc. In simple words, it is an indoor box to collect feces and urine.  It works perfectly for indoor cats because they don’t go out to do their business. According to the stats, outdoor cats have a lifespan of 5.6 years. But the average lifespan of an indoor cat is around 16.8 years.

We see this massive difference because outdoor cats face dangers like weather, wildlife, traffic, and unwanted diseases. Due to this, we need more things to give complete indoor facilities to our cats. However, cat litter boxes are one of those facilities.

Common types of cat litter:

The idea of cat litter originated during the early 20th century, and since then, this industry is growing. If we look at the stats, then the cat litter industry represents a $250 million market and is still growing. According to the cat’s litter expert, ED Lowe’s industry is growing at a rate of 15% per year. However, now we have so many choices to dump the cat’s feces and urine satisfactorily. But it’s always hard to choose the best from so many options. So, we are trying to educate the readers to make the right decision. Here are some common types of cat litter.

Clay clumping:

Clay clumping cat litter made of bentonite. However, it is easy to clean, and most cats do this type of waste. But it’s not biodegradable, and it’s massive and creates lots of dust. In short, this type of cat litter isn’t user friendly at all.

Clay non-clumping:

These types of cat litter are of clay other than bentonite. But these litters aren’t easy to clean. However, it requires detailed and diligent cleaning because it doesn’t form into scoopable clumps.


These types of cat litter are of silica. The main advantage of this type of litter is that the odor is better and it last longer than the clay litter. But these types of litter are a little expensive. Apart from this, it is harmful if your cat ingests too much while cleaning the paws.

Natural cat litters:

These cat litters are perfect for people who can’t afford to get expensive ones—however, the natural waste boxes are recycled corn, wheat, pine, etc.

Apart from the above types, there are scented and unscented cat litters available. Many people like to use the scented cat litter because they keep the bad smell at bay. But most cats don’t like the scent; that’s why it’s not a good option. Apart from the above types, we made a separate heading to show (below)


Types of litters that most cats prefer


What are the things that people see while selecting a suitable cat litter?
The cat litter should be odor free because cats don’t like scented ones. Most people choose the litter with fast and hard clumping.
Cats prefer fine particles litters other than the pellet and crystal type ones. Nobody wants to smell the cat’s feces or urine, so people prefer odor absorbent litter.
  Litter that produce low dust


Note: Phillips Donaldson wrote a research paper in 1989 and stated that crystal litters had entered the market. However, these are the new future for the cat litters.

Why is pretty litter the best option to consider?

After reading the above pointers and arguments, we are presenting the best available option in the market. Yes, that option is PRETTY LITTER. According to the American Society, it’s not cheap to own a pet. On average, the owner spends $1300-$1800/year at the dog maintenance and spends $500-1000 on the cat. So, in this situation, we need an affordable option with good qualities.

Above all, pretty litter is an option that would be equally favorite for the cat and the owner. But we still need to know more about this litter. So, we start with;

History of pretty litter:

The primary aim to produce this litter is to minimize the “Litter Depression.” However, “Carly Martinetti” was the person who came up with this unique idea to create pretty litter. Carly put in so much hard work while creating this cat litter. According to the reports, he met with the chemists, marketers, and entrepreneurs to convert the idea into reality. However, in 2015 Carly was among the top three contestants of the ABC family reality show startups. As a result, he created a bright and appealing alternative to the clay litter. Above all, this unique item combines the easiness of silica gel with colorful health monitoring functionality. However, there is so much to know about this fantastic product.

How pretty litter works?

Pretty litter is a very easy to use silica gel litter that reveals so much about the cat’s health. However, it is the best option if you don’t want to run between the cat feces/urine and chores. The silica gel absorbs the foul odors in a second so you won’t have to worry about the smell. Apart from this, there are many other things that this cat litter has to offer to the users.

Reasons to choose pretty cat litter:

Though pretty litter is a comparatively new brand, but the fantastic features are making the headlines. There are many reasons to use the pretty cat litter, but we divided into these two sub-sections;

  • General reasons to choose the pretty litter
  • Medical reasons to go for the pretty cat liter

General reasons to choose pretty litter:

As we discussed earlier, that pretty cat litter has so much to offer for the cats and owners. So, some of the points are;

Odor control:

According to ASPCA, the uncontrolled odor is the top reason most cats reject litter boxes. According to Osborne and Stevens, the odor control of urine is most challenging in cat litters. Apart from this, it is a top priority for the owners who are using this. But scented cat litters aren’t the solution to this problem. We have seen that cats also reject the litter boxes with strong scents. So, to eliminate all of this, pretty litter introduced an advanced odor control formula. The super-absorbent silica gel is powerful enough to stop the smells in seconds.

It is natural and safe:

Pretty litter is safer than the traditional cat litters that have the clumping clay. Pretty litter has the quality of not releasing carcinogenic and other irritating particles.

  • Apart from this, pretty litter is relatively safe for all cats and kittens. One of the highest qualities of this cat litter is that it is free from any chemicals.
  • However, if cats ingest the cat litter, then they won’t get sick. In short, it is pretty safe for all cats and kittens. It’s all because it came into existence after so much research and background work.

Low dust:

Dust is another most significant problem for the owners and cats. It is the main disadvantage of clumping clay litter. However, this dust creates lots of mess for humans who scoop the box, and the cat can pick it up with the paws. If you don’t choose the cat litter wisely, then you will be into a great mess. But the crystals and silica gel produce little to no dust.

Reasonable cost:

It is another most important reason due to which people prefer natural cat litters instead of these options. But pretty litter has eliminated this issue by offering affordable prices. For instance, you can get cat litter for $22 (one cat) and save the extra money. Apart from this, you only need to refill the litter only once a month. If you go for any competitor, then the cost would be around $29 for one cat’s litter.

Some other reasons that would help to decide:

Apart from the above qualities and top reasons, many others would help to make up the mind.

  • The pretty liter is 80% lighter than other cat litters.
  • It comes with a 30-day risk-free guarantee.
  • Offers free shipping
  • Less scooping needs
  • It is household-friendly
  • Above all, you can cancel the order anytime if you don’t like the quality of service.

Medical reasons to go for the pretty litter:

Some people go beyond to monitor the happiness and well-being of their cats. So, this is also the priority of pretty litters to keep your cat happy and healthy. According to the cat’s psychology, if they feel sick, it’s hard to tell. Cats are famous for hiding their feelings and health condition. As a result, you won’t be able to know the health until it is visible. So, pretty litter is facing this problem with health monitoring color technology.

Working pattern of health monitoring color technology:

The cat litter is full of tiny pH detectors. These are like little orange dots, but they change the color after getting wet. However, the changed color depends on the pH of your cat’s urine.  So, the litter can change the color from orange to dark blue. However, every color describes different things about the cat’s health. We start to elaborate with;

  • Red: It may indicate that the cat has kidney stones, bladder stones, and inflammation, kidney diseases. Apart from this, it may suggest clotting disorder, bladder cancer, or an internal injury.
  • Blue or dark green: May indicate urinary tract infection or an increased risk for stone formation.
  • Dark yellow: indicates the urine within a typical range.
  • Orange: It elaborates that the cat may be suffering from metabolic acidosis, kidney tubular acidosis, or calcium oxalate crystal formation.

Note: Remember that pretty litter will help provide insights into your cat’s health. However, If you see any significant health threat, then you should go to the vet.

What are the general pros and cons of pretty litter?

The overall rating and the general opinion of the public about pretty litter are really good. However, we have already stated all facts and highlighted features and points. Still, it is good to have a look abut the pros and cons:


  • Highly absorbent and offers excellent odor control
  • Unique color changing feature is excellent to know the health condition of the cat.
  • You can get up to 15% off on your first-month purchase.
  • Free shipping with affordable price


  • Doesn’t clump
  • Some people reported it doesn’t last the full month.

Note: You can’t mix the pretty little with regular cat litter. If you do this, then you can’t see the color-changing ability. Apart from this, if other litter clumps, then it will create a mess because pretty litter doesn’t clump.

Final verdict:

The overall positive rating of the pretty litter is 4.5/5. So, it shows that pretty litter is the most convenient, easy to use, and safe thing that you can put into the litter box. Apart from this, the subscription and discounted offers are enough to simplify the shopping experience. Above all, the health monitoring feature is a plus point. So, due to all these reasons, the pretty litter is worth investing money in. However, choose something important yet likable for your cat. So, give it a chance and enjoy the unique features in an affordable price range.


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