Why do cats stare?

Have you ever wondered why do cats stare at you? If yes, then you are on the right page to find the answer. Eyes act like the window of heart and soul. So, in the case of cats, we can say they are stare masters. But if the cat is staring at you, then there could be different scenarios behind this. Sometimes when you look around, and the cat is watching you. However, in this situation, some people might consider this creepy stalking. But in reality, things might be different. Cats have the habit of staring at different things like walls, other cats, or people. However, in certain situations, the cats also stare at nothing. But the reason behind every staring is different. The first questions that pop up in mind that;

  • Why do cats stare at you?
  • And why do cats stare at walls?
  • Why do cats stare at nothing?

Why do cats stare at you?

The cats share their lives with us happily. However, they find excitement in our lives and daily activities that we do. The interest could be at another level, mainly if they are benefiting them. However, these reasons could tell you why do cats stare at you.

Cats might be hungry.

Cats follow our every move, and they feel interested in the activities that we do daily. However, the stalking and staring habit could increase if the mealtime is near. As a result, the cats’ eyes follow the owner when you head towards the kitchen. According to Dr. Kathryn Primm;

Apart from this, Jean-Francois, a pet scientist, said cats show their emotions through their eyes. So, if you wonder why cats stare at you, then they might be hungry.

They may stare at you to show affection.

We discussed earlier that staring is the non-verbal way of communication for cats. It is also a reality that humans feel honored while giving unlinking stare to their kids. It is just like an un-saying way of showing affection. However, when cats need your love, then they stare at you for a long time.

So, the fur baby also needs your love and affection. Thus, if the cat is staring at you with half-closed eyelids and slow blinks, then it means they are looking for profound love. On the other hand, the cat may see you as the center of their universe. In short, you are the only person in the cats’ life; that’s why she likes to see and adore you through eyes.

Why do cats stare at walls?

We know that cats are mysterious creatures. So, in certain conditions, cats stare the walls, and we can’t understand why they do that. So, for better understanding, there are specific theories that might help us to understand;

Cats have a great vision.

Cats have better vision than humans. So, if they notice something like a spider or shadow at the wall, then they stare at those things. It may look different from humans, but it is typical for the cats’ sensory perception. According to the study, the cats stare at walls due to ultraviolet lights invisible to humans. In short, they can see more than humans. So, this is the reason why do cats stare at walls.

They listen better than humans.

The little fur creature has a better hearing ability than humans. They can hear things that don’t exist for humans and other animals. As a result, cats can sense the slightest noise like needle dropping and stirring grass. So, next time if the cats are staring at walls, then it may be due to some sound. On the other hand, the staring could be due to the insect’s sound that recently settled at the wall.

Why do cats stare at nothing?

“In cats’ eye, everything belongs to the cat.”

Apart from the walls, cats do stare at nothing. So, if you ever wondered why do cats stare at nothing, then here are potential reasons;

Cats are trying to figure out something.

The functionality of the cats’ brains is impressive. However, due to this, it is an exciting topic for scientists to research. So, researchers found that cats have periodic memory like humans. As a result, they can memorize information from past experiences. However, it is the main reason that cats stare at nothing for a long time. In this way, they try to detect fear and remember something.

Due to specific medical condition

If the staring doesn’t fix despite all actions, it may be due to some health conditions. A condition called “Hyperesthesia” is the cause of abnormal behavior in cats. The signs of these diseases include pupil enlargement, stare at nothing, and uncontrolled urine. So, if you find anything like this, then immediately consult the vet for an expert opinion.

Some other reasons to know why do cats stare at you

After having the above discussion, we have known about the stare of the cats. But apart from those reasons, the eye movement depicts so much about the personality and intentions.

Body language matters a lot

Apart from the reasons mentioned above, body language is the thing that matters a lot. However, like many other things, it’s the owner’s responsibility to notify the cats’ body language. So, you can define the body language through these postures;

Happy and relaxed posture

If the cat is snuggling and show blinks along with stares, then it also has some meanings. However, in this situation, we can assume that cat is happy and showing love. On the other hand, loosed body posture is a sign that she is trying to get your attention.

Nervous posture

However, if the cats’ tail is moving, pupils wide, and ears are at the side, it is a sign that the cat is upset. So, with these eye signs that the cat needs some space and attention. However, in this situation, you can divert attention to other activities. To eliminate the tension and eye-contact involve the cats in physical activity. For instance, you can toss any ball or toy and tell the cat to chase it.

Staring might be due to specific fears.

The other meaning of cats’ stare is that they fear something. Along with this, the cat might be hiding under the furniture or couch due to fear. However, in this condition, avoid the direct touch and involve the kitty with some tossing games.

Final verdict

Staring might be unethical and wrong in the human world. But in the animal world, eyes have so much to say. It is vital to learn a few things about the cat staring to know what your cat wants. In short, cats are smart, and they proved this thing over time. So, it is like a way for them to show affection, fear, hunger, and love for the people who are around them.

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